Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Using a Winch and Jib with a Bucket Truck

When you equip a bucket truck with a winch and jib, you have a powerful combination that will help you lift and maneuver heavy loads. Bucket trucks that are equipped with winches and jibs are capable of lifting heavier loads than are regular bucket trucks, and these vehicles are frequently used for a wide range of tasks related to materials handling.

Jib Crane

To lend additional work capacity, a jibcrane can be installed on the tip of a bucket truck's boom. Operators of these specially-configured bucket trucks require extra training and knowledge to be able to operate these vehicles safely, since they have to understand how various angles of the boom affect how much of a load can be lifted. With the requisite knowledge and training, a bucket truck operator using a jib crane can lift and position loads that weigh up to 2,000 pounds. Bucket trucks in electric utility fleets often make use of jib cranes in order raise heavy items like transformers up to their proper positions.

Boom Angle

Boom angle is directly related to how much a bucket truck can lift using a jib crane. A boom that is positioned at an angle approaching 90 degrees, or near-vertical, has much more lifting power and is at its greatest load-lifting capacity. A boom that is positioned at an angle approaching 180 degrees, or near-horizontal, has much less lifting power and is at its lowest load-lifting capacity. When an operator moves the boom around, lowering it or raising it, the lifting power changes accordingly. If the boom starts out in a near-vertical position and is then lowered, its lifting power will lessen. If the boom starts out in a near-horizontal position and is then raised, its lifting power will increase.


The winch is another piece of equipment that can increase the capacity of a bucket truck to perform a tasks related to materials handling. A winch is basically a heavy duty line or rope which is attached to an object so as to pull that object in the direction of the truck. Bucket trucks can operate winches by means of hydraulic, electric, or combustion engines. A winch can be an excellent tool for moving heavy materials from place to place, as needed.

When using a jib crane or a winch with a bucket truck, important safety rules must be followed. Always check the specifications from the manufacturer of these devices to ensure that you are not going over the recommended lifting limits.


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