Thursday, June 5, 2014

Repair and Maintenance of Fiberglass Components on Bucket Trucks

When it comes to the repair and maintenance of the bucket and the fiberglass components on the boom arm of a bucket truck, it's vital to choose a company that's experienced and knowledgeable in these matters. On electrical utility vehicles, in particular, these fiberglass components help keep linemen safe. Those who repair such important components must do their work with an eye toward making sure these components remain as safe as possible for use in aerial lifts.

Considerations for Repairs

In choosing a company to make repairs on aerial lift fiberglass components, it's important that utility fleets consider which company has the expertise to make sure that these components are as safe as they need to be for use by electrical linemen. Insulation capability is a vital part of these components, and a company must know how, when making repairs, to retain the effectiveness of the insulation as well as the structural ability of the various lift components to handle stresses that are specific to electrical utility tasks. 

Choice of Company


The company that's best suited for repairing fiberglass components will be one that carries product liability insurance and whose technicians are familiar with and are capable of meeting the requirements of repairing components used in aerial lift equipment, with regard to insulation capability and material strength. The company must be capable of analysis and testing to ensure that their repairs will meet standards, including dielectric testing as needed.

Repair Procedure


The repair procedure will depend on the particular component needing work and its condition. In general, though, when an item is received for repair, the company entrusted with the work should first carefully inspect the damage to ascertain what the next steps should be. The company should refer to a manual from the manufacturer as well as knowledge and experience gained from similar repairs, and manufacturer recommendations should be utilized. The company should discuss with the owner the specific problems and present possible solutions. Once repairs are made, the company should conduct appropriate testing to determine that the component meets standards regarding structural strength and insulation capability.

Companies that repair fiberglass components used on bucket trucks must be diligent in meeting safety standards, since it's these components that do so much to protect electrical linemen while they're on the job. Utility fleets need to carefully choose the companies to whom they entrust these crucial repairs.

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