Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What to Consider in Renting a Bucket Truck

For some small businesses and minor construction projects, renting a bucket truck may be a cheaper alternative to buying one. While the vehicle is highly utilitarian, especially in jobs that require lifting people and equipment to high altitudes, its use in some operations may not be that frequent or constant, making rentals a more viable solution. 
Additionally, those who are considering buying a bucket truck may want to rent one first to get some ideas on what are needed for its operations and upkeep. Likewise, renting will provide some perspective on the type of bucket truck that could work for their operations.

Before renting a bucket truck, however, users must first consider their needs and requirements. One of the things that should be looked at is the size of the bucket, and its load capacity. Those who intend to lift heavier objects or more than two persons at a time can opt for a truck with a double bucket. The hydraulics must also be noted. How high do people and/or equipment need to be lifted? How tall is the construction project?

Most of the bucket trucks available for rent are typically used vehicles, so choosing a truck must involve safety checks. If needed, the user can also hire an expert operator for the lift to ensure the safety of those involved in the project. It will also help to get the proper insurance to cover any repair costs that might be needed while the vehicle is being leased.

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