Friday, April 18, 2014

Diagnosing and Repairing Bucket Trucks

Most industrial utility vehicles like bucket trucks are built to last. These trucks are made for rigorous use, with enough horsepower to perform several activities in one day. With proper maintenance, a bucket truck can take a long time before finally breaking down.

Sturdy does not mean indestructible, however. Certain conditions and problems may occur on a bucket truck that will need repairs and part replacements. In order to preserve the use of the vehicle, it is important to properly diagnose the vehicle and decide on the need for repair or replacement of parts.

Repair Options

If a bucket truck suddenly fails, and the owner has identified the cause of the problem, the latter may consider getting new replacement parts, or try and fix the defective ones. One with sufficient knowhow may attempt DIY repairs, but those without the right knowledge are better off hiring the professionals. If the problems are on the lift and controls, it is best to call in an expert. The vehicle itself will be useless if the hydraulics and the platform are damaged.

Parts Replacement

One of the more common reasons for a bucket truck to stop working is the breakdown of one or more parts. Finding replacements for components that can’t be fixed may prove to be difficult for older bucket truck models. Manufacturers may have spare parts for sale, but if not, one might find the needed parts from non-OEM makers, or from used bucket truck dealers and scrap yards.

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