Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Advantages of Renting a Bucket Truck

Not all businesses or individuals have the money to own a fleet of cars, even if they wanted to. Maintaining each and every one of these vehicles can be such a strain on the wallet that it actually becomes more practical to sell one or two of them. This idea succinctly parallels the reason why it’s better for companies to seek a bucket truck for rent instead of buying one.

In addition to having the right vehicle to do the job, renting a bucket truck also gives businesses the benefit of working with experienced bucket truck mechanics and technicians. These pros can be expected to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of how the vehicle operates. Most of those who rent out bucket trucks or similar vehicles have ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) accredited personnel in their employ. These service persons can be relied upon to fix operational problems like hydraulics failure while the vehicle is on lease.

Just as importantly, a used vehicle would have already undergone and passed the necessary stress tests that a brand-new vehicle has yet to be subjected to. Consider this: a problem with a rental bucket truck’s crane system would have already been identified and fixed by the rental company. The same problem on a brand new bucket truck would have yet to be uncovered by its new owner. When the problem does materialize, the consequences can include costly repairs and schedule delays.

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