Sunday, March 30, 2014

Truckload: Types of Bucket Trucks

You'll know a bucket truck when you see one. Typically, they have a unifying design: jacks and a storage bin are utility and stability staples. Like the cars that they are, bucket trucks come in various other types, sizes and functions. Each is designed to complete construction projects of different nature.

This truck's lifting platform is its defining feature. Through this, the truck is able to extend itself several feet up to lift materials and workers to another platform or to a rooftop space.

Cherry Picker
The name's a misnomer: the cherry picker can actually do more than pick – it can lift a person to as high as several stories of a building. These trucks are designed with a motorized arm system, and are ideal for large-scale projects like window cleaning services and repair work outside the building.

Aerial Lifts
Like the cherry pickers, the aerial lifts are designed with an arm. However, their platforms only rise in a single direction unlike the previous that can lift in different directions.

Boom Trucks
Rather than lifting, the arms of boom trucks are used to counterbalance objects and materials employed in the project.

Digger Derrick
Digger derricks are ideal for excavation tasks where there are less people around to manually dig the area. These are usually situated in a single area.

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