Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Unusual Uses of Bucket Trucks

probably seen one being used for electrical maintenance or for trimming overgrown trees, but did you know that they also have uncommon and sometimes humorous uses?

Washing building windows

These trucks have booms that can extend up to 60 feet or more, that’s why certain property owners and window washing companies use them to clean mid-sized buildings. Bucket trucks allow window washers to reach windows up to five stories high, which are inaccessible with ladders.

Cherry picking

A bucket truck is also known as a cherry picker in some areas, and it’s easy to understand why. These trucks remain heavily used by fruit pickers in many orchards today.

Hanging decorations

These trucks have been used to hang all manner of decorations, from banners on a football field to Christmas decorations in city squares.

Rescuing people and animals

Bucket trucks have been used to rescue people from a burning building. One recent instance of this was when firefighters in Michigan used a bucket truck to save seven people from a fiery nine-story apartment in November 2013. As with saving animals, one particular organization documented a case where a seagull entangled in a 50 foot tall tree was rescued by animal rescuers using a bucket truck

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