Friday, March 21, 2014

Lift Off: The Utilities of a Bucket Truck

There are jobs, such as streetlamp repair, that require elevation. Workers typically use ladders to reach these spots, yet it can be tedious to constantly set up the necessary equipment. As an alternative to the traditional stepladder, workers can opt to use bucket trucks to get them where they need to be and reach high spots as well.

Bucket trucks, also called cherry pickers, are named such due to their bucket-like attachment. These buckets are affixed to a hydraulic arm which, in turn, is mounted at the back of the truck itself. Passengers can board the bucket and operate the hydraulic arm to raise and position the bucket at a specified height. It helps that the truck half of a bucket truck gives the heavy equipment some degree of mobility.

Cherry pickers were originally used in orchards to pick fruits from trees (hence the alternative name), yet they’re now being used for other purposes as well. Technicians who work with telephone, cable T.V. and electrical hardware on utility poles also use bucket trucks to service these hard-to-reach equipment. Sometimes, these bucket trucks are also used to rescue people or animals from high places, much like fire trucks. In short, whenever there’s a need to safely reach certain elevations, workers can always use reliable bucket trucks.

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