Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bucket Trucks: The Workhorses of Hard Workers

From firefighters to linemen, many people consider the bucket truck as one of their icons: a humble vehicle that can take on the toughest jobs and make the city a lot safer and more comfortable to live in. Bucket trucks are simply trucks that come with a crane system that workers can use to reach high places, especially if a ladder is too short. This type of mechanism allows for numerous applications, which is why bucket trucks come in different types.

Versalifts are the most common and the most versatile (as the name implies). They usually employ a crane system that can be extended to several feet up in the air, which can be used to lift materials or people. Boom trucks are a heavier version and are primarily made for construction work. While their crane systems are designed to lift heavy materials like metal beams and concrete slabs, some boom trucks can be rigged to carry platforms where people can step on and reach even higher places.
Aerial lifts are a simplified version of boom trucks in that they can reach high places as well, although they utilize a hydraulic crane system instead. Aerial lifts can only face in a single direction, though, which is why they’re usually used as crude elevators for people. Meanwhile, digger derricks are in a league of their own: their cranes are equipped with a digging implement or a drill that is used for excavation work.

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