Monday, April 28, 2014

Truck Transmissions: Is Automatic Better than Manual?

As with any modern vehicle, bucket trucks are available in either manual or automatic transmission. Now, the debate about which of these two systems are “better” than the other may have been raging for several decades, but it’s fascinating to learn how manual or automatic transmission affects the performance of bucket trucks. After all, these vehicles contain other systems, like hydraulics and crane operation, which might be affected by the choice of transmission.

Automatic transmissions are generally more efficient as they allow the driver to do more power shifts and gain better mileage. Considering that bucket trucks are relatively heavier than many other vehicles, the automatic transmission allows them to maintain good traction on hills and inclines. The simple fact that automatic trucks are easier to learn is also a big advantage as automatic trucks make the training of new drivers much quicker and cheaper.

On the other hand, manual transmissions employ less sophisticated components, which makes them much cheaper than automatics. Furthermore, manual transmissions encourage drivers to stay on their toes and not doze off, which can help in building their skills behind the wheels. Finally, skilled drivers can gain better fuel economy if they’re driving under manual transmission since they can make little adjustments in gear shifts and acceleration that translate to lesser consumption of fuel.

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