Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keep in Mind Your Reason for Buying a Bucket Truck

Bucket trucks have a lot of uses across different types of business. They come in several shapes and sizes, and with different types of equipment. Any owner of a company hoping to buy one or two bucket trucks will find a range of bucket trucks for different purposes; the trick in making the right choice for your purchase is to know your own need and purpose for buying one.

If you’re a cable installer, go for a single bucket truck that has a height range of a hundred feet. This is because most utility poles extend to that height. Some storage space would be needed for additional equipment and tools for cable installation.

Electric repair companies should look at an insulated double-bucket type with some ample storage space. This allows more room for your employees to put their supplies, as well let a few more in to help out when installing or repairing the power lines. Sign installers would look for the same type, too.

For simple tree-trimming and fruit picking, a single-bucket setup would be enough to get your company started. It will have enough space for the cutting equipment that will be needed to cut tree branches, and also baskets for harvesting fruits.

It is important to remember that knowing the purpose you’re buying the bucket truck for will help narrow down your choices, and make sure your purchase is right on the money.

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